Are You a Contractor Doing Insurance Repairs?

  • Want your reports to look more professional, with pictures
  • Want reports that you can email from on-site
  • Need customizable sections for your trade
  • Would benefit from being much more efficient preparing reports

Regardless of your trade, Home Comfort Reports is for you. Customizable inspection reports for all trades, including the following contractors: roofing, septic, property management, plumbing, electrician, and more. Have the comfort of knowing you have a completely customizable report system that can change with your company!

Home Comfort Reports is a web app that creates DIY inspection reports, reports that set you apart from others because they are fast and professional. The site offers a very simple interface for contractors to enter information about the house they’re inspecting and then generate a professional report with photos of the inspected areas. Reports are fully customizable for your trade.

Inspection reports can be one of the most important parts of a contractor’s business. An insurance claim can make or break a contractor’s season. When an insurance claim is made it can take months for the claim to be sorted out. This means that contractors cannot start work on the claim until the claim is paid. That can mean a lot of down time and lost income. By using a DIY home inspection report, contractors can get reports done faster. It will also mean that you can get on with doing the jobs.

home inspector report

With this Home Comfort Report, Contractors can:

  • send a photo of the findings to the client and give them a copy for their records.
  • include the date of the inspection, your company name, address, phone number and signature.
  • add details about the inspection, such as the number of areas inspected and other notes.
  • take photos and add them to the report.
  • save their inspection reports to their account online and access them again in future inspections.
  • Email the report right from the app

Easily save your report (with images and a customizable checklist) to share with home owners, insurance companies, and others.

This Report Can be a Lifesaver

Home Comfort Reports is the most modern, fastest, most accurate way to create reports for your customers. It will help you grow your business and be more efficient in your claims process.

Put your best foot forward with fast, professional, customized reports.

With our Home Comfort Report, you can take the process into your own hands, and get the job done!