Are You a DIY Home Inspector?

  • Want things done quickly on your own schedule
  • Can’t find an inspector who’s just right for you
  • Are concerned with social distancing and want to limit people entering your home
  • Need to stay on a budget
  • Are a do-it-yourself kind of home-owner!

Whether buying, selling, or simply want your home to be as safe as possible, this DIY Home Comfort Report allows you to inspect your own home with confidence.

This Home Comfort Report program is very easy to use and is used by professional Home Inspectors. Buying an evaluation report from us will grant you a one-time use to perform your home evaluation on a home, whether for purchase, resale or maintenance!

Buying or selling your home is a big decision, and we want to give you the confidence to do what’s best for you during this process. Our DIY Home Comfort Report makes the inspection process accessible and stress-free, regardless of your experience.

With this, you will be able to cover a full range of ongoing or potential issues that you need to know about.

home inspector report

With this DIY Home Comfort Report, you can:

  • Track if health/safety concerns are worsening or not (to effectively plan on repairs)
  • Add photos to help identify concerns quickly

Easily save your report (with images and a customizable checklist) to share with contractors and others who will help you along the way.

This Report Can be a Lifesaver

Buying or selling your home can be a complicated process. You need (and want) to know everything you can about your home’s condition before you make a move.

  • Repairs get done before buying/selling
  • You can save money when buying & get top dollar when selling
  • Avoid last minute notations from a buyer
  • Makes the insurance process easier
  • Saves you from any stressful surprises down the road
  • Helps you plan more effectively
home inspection

Buying or selling, you should know your home’s condition.

With our DIY Home Comfort Report, you can take the process into your own hands
and buy or sell with confidence.